Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, several new features will be added to the web-site including enhanced Apple iOS and Google Android operability. You'll now be able to use the "Make a Map Toolbox" on any smartphone or tablet device. The features will be the same as the desktop version.



The Pennsylvania Environmental Council and its web-site were recently awarded the Presidential Award of Excellence for Communications by the Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

A panel of judges from the Tennessee Chapter of ASLA evaluated the web-site. They stated that "its an incredible resource to professionals, government staff, and non-profits working on trail design in "Rust Belt" region of the country" and further expressed that "the most notable contribution of the system developed may be the ability for lay persons to have access to this information and to create vested community interest in the development of trail networks." The final comment by the jurors was that the web-site "could serve as the model for similar systems around the country."